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Monday, October 22, 2018

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Oct 6: @ Devonshire Mall; Other Locations Oct 9-11 & Oct 13


Alex will fight for residents of Ward 9 against high property taxes and high Enwin Utilities bills for electricity, water and sewage. He will work to bring high paying jobs to Windsor by contributing to targeted and agile policies for developing Windsor into a high tech hub. He will  help develop and execute coherent policies at City Hall by using his education and management consulting experience.


Alex is a graduate of University of Toronto in Computer Engineering and an MBA from University of Chicago.  He has worked as an Executive in high tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Arvin Meritor (a Tier One supplier). He has also worked as a Management Consultant in Capgemini. He is active in social and professional communities. 

Alex lives in Ward 9 along with his family. His wife, Dr Seema Aggarwal is a Physician and  runs two clinics - Roseland Clinic and South Windsor After-hours Clinic in Ward 9. Their daughter, Akanksha, graduated from Massey High School and is studying in Health Sciences at McMaster University. Their son, Anish, is studying at Massey High School.

Alex’s father worked as Director of School of Computer Science and a professor at University of Windsor. He has retired and is residing in Windsor.


Alex and his family have been continuously active in social and professional communities for more than two decades: Starting in 1991, with being an Executive Member of University of Toronto Graduate Students Union, he participated in University of Toronto finance committee as a student representative. He was also President of University of Toronto Indian Student Association. He has worked with local religious organizations as an executive member and as a life member. He has devoted his time as an examiner for evaluation of Science Projects with Windsor Essex school board. Alex has worked as community representative on the admission committee for admissions in Schulich Medical School London Ontario. Alex was involved in organizing Softech, which led to the establishment of WeTech. Alex’s family has been supporting with their expertise and charity a number of local organizations and individuals. They have also been working with the university as visiting Faculty, wherever the specialization is needed. Alex’s wife has devoted significant amount of time to the Schulich Medical School at University of Windsor by teaching medical resident students as an Adjunct Professor. Thus Alex’s family has been actively working in social and professional communities and local charities.

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18th Sept 2018

Vision & Momentum Sept 2018 Report of Alex Aggarwal Ward 9 Campaign 

18th Sept 2018

The strategic and efficient way to bring a new Community Center and new Library to Ward 9:

About Reducing Waste & Unnecessary Expenses

I propose to use my Education and Management Consultancy experience to bring business-like efficiencies in the city administration. I shall help the City Council to formulate policies, which set Key Performance Indicators & Metrics that align the Windsor residents’ goals of lower taxes & better services to the performance of the City Administration. 

Accountability & Auditor General for the City: The bureaucracy has a natural tendency to devour increasingly more resources for its own growth. Hence after elections, the Council should consider the appointment of an independent Auditor General, who should work on behalf of the citizens, to guarantee that every tax dollar is used effectively.                                                                                                  -- Alex Aggarwal

May 7, 2018

Alex files as a Councillor Candidate for Ward 9

After great amount of deliberation Alex decided to file as  Councillor Candidature after consultation with Jivan Gill, Bik Grewal and family including Prof Akshai Aggarwal.

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